Janine Marie Maddux 1982 – 2021

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    Janine Marie Maddux was born on May 21, 1982, in Bishop, California and passed away on Thursday, September 09, 2021, at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield, California. In the early part of 2021, Janine’s family found out that she was very sick. Janine’s sickness is eventually what ended her life at the early age of 39.

    Janine spent most of her life living in the small town of Lone Pine near her family and friends. She attended school in Lone Pine and graduated from Lone Pine High School in 2000. While in High School, Janine played varsity volleyball and basketball for 2 years. In volleyball, Janine was known as a “good server”. During her senior year in high school, Janine was voted or known as the “Class Clown”.

    After high school, Janine attended a college near Susanville, California where she studied general studies. At one point in her life, Janine also aspired to be a writer. After college, Janine worked for the housing authority in Lone Pine. In 2003, Janine had her son Ricky and her daughter, Amaya in 2009.

    Between the years of 2017 and 2018, Janine met and fell in love with Jevon, whom she met through an online dating website. Jevon reminisced on a time when he first met Janine, where she was first stand-offish but eventually their relationship developed. Jevon remembers Janine as a “very kind (and) loving person, “he said. “She was always willing to help somebody (and was) easy to get along with people”, he said.

    Janine loved spending her free time fishing with her fiancé and her two children, Ricky and Amaya. “She always beat me in fishing”! said Jevon about Janine. Their favorite fishing spots were Diaz Lake and Buena Vista in Bakersfield. They also loved taking the kids to Camelot in Bakersfield. Jevon said they were together for eight years.

    Many people including her family and fiancé remember Janine as being a “jokester”. “She was a jokester… we would joke around a lot”, Janine’s fiancé, Jevon said.

    Janine is survived by her two children, Ricky Kobierowski and Amaya Maddux; her fiancé, Jevon Sheley; her parents, Ricky and Alice Maddux; and her two sisters, Neddeen and Venessa Maddux.

    Janine is preceded in death by various relatives; Neddeen, Raymond, Leah, Elijah, Kayla, uncle Mike, Raymond and Auga.

    An open public viewing will be held at the Mt. Whitney Funeral Home in Lone Pine on Thursday, September 16th from 4-5pm. A cry dance will be held on Friday, September 17th at the Lone Pine Community Gym from 9pm to midnight. Memorial services will be held on Saturday, September 18th at the Lone Pine Community Gym starting at 1pm. A potluck will precede the memorial service. A private family burial will be held later in the year.

    The family of Janine Maddux is currently raising funds for Janine’s funeral expenses at a GoFundMe page at: